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Second business trip to Taiwan.


This time we were able to talk to a bedding manufacturer customer

and also showed them our factory.

They were using an automatic machine made by a

Chinese manufacturer, but the quality of the sewing and

the lack of a bobbin changer were problems for them.

When I looked closely at Taiwanese bedding products, I

found that they differed slightly from our Japanese

products, with fine patterns in the stitching.

I was very impressed with the gullwing Tesla cabs.

And as for masks, Taiwan is stricter than Japan at this time,

At the station, it seemed that one could not pass through the ticket gates without wearing a mask.

Of course, everyone wears masks on the streets as well.

It was my first visit to Tainan, and the weather was perfect for me,

hot but not so hot that I was sweating.

The weather is also said to be more sunny than in Taipei,

I would recommend a trip to Tainan for honeymoon, golf tours, surfing, and sightseeing.

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