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First business trip to Taiwan.


In early December, I went to Taiwan for the first time in my life.
I had been informed that Taiwan was a friendly country and that the food was delicious.
I was right. When I returned home and looked at the photos I took, I found that they were all of food.
Sorry about that.

But by gentle, I don’t mean just to the Japanese.
I was impressed by the spirit of “Welcome and Give,” which is kind to everyone.

I am sure the person who introduced me to InvesTaiwan was instrumental in this process.
When we visited InvesTaiwan, Taiwan’s “Ministry of Economic Affairs” (≒Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), she kindly and politely told us in Japanese about the current situation in Taiwan and the consultation services available when doing business in Taiwan.

I once had two Japanese guys in the middle of the night and couldn’t catch a cab.
A young woman distributing flyers called a taxi for us using an app.

The economic situation is very similar to that of Japan, including the declining population.
I was able to understand their sentiments well.

And since everyone was on Line, I felt even closer to their presence.

I am planning to go back next year for an exhibition and other events, so I will try to take pictures of things other than food.

The bottom photo is probably a souvenir shop, and the lady is holding a pack of very tasty tea. I bought only this one souvenir for about US$25 a pack.

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